Crucible (Sphagnum denticulatum)

It becomes evident that on the moor sphagnum moss not only dominates, but is the all encompassing biological crucible and catalyst for life. It has a dual role as the organic engine for the creation of the peat as a process of decay and transmutation takes place, albeit at the slowest of paces. Much less than a centimetre each year is processed.

The screenprint image reflects time spent and flora and fauna encountered on various trips to the Lewis peatlands. Thirty species are featured with 'Cow-horned Bog-moss (Sphagnum denticulatum)' as the predominant feature. The various species are labelled on the accompanying key legend with their common English, Gaelic (as available) and Latin taxonomic names. Whilst every effort has been made to identify species correctly is is possible that certain errors may have occurred. Various works of 18th Century botanical illustration influenced the development of the imagery.